Case Study

How decreased their unfilled inventory and got a revenue uplift of 10%.

Date: August 31, 2020


An initiative of India’s leading media conglomerate Network18, TopperLearning is a premier study destination for K-12 education in the country. At TopperLearning, students access online study tools and resources 24×7 to bring them up to speed with the syllabus and take them to the next level in their career.

Being an education website, the demand flor is season specific. Some months are really good while some months not so good. When the demand was weak, the amount of unfilled impressions increased thus leading to increase in lost opportunity. This was a worry for the publisher as every unfilled meant a loss of business thus resulting in lesser revenues. Also, their very strict blocklist was hindering them from accessing a lot of demand.

Unlike other content publishers, Topperlearning was different as it was a platform that just didn’t publish content but also was used like a tool by students and teachers. Given the website was browsed by students, the level of responsible advertising was great was we also had to follow brand safety. We analyzed their website, their user behaviour and devised a solution that would replace the unfilled inventory via our superior monetization stack. The demand had to be specially curated, vetted and activated so that we follow all level of brand safety and also provide the solution that topper learning was looking forward to.

The final solution went live and added substantial revenues will completely removing unfilled impression and helped Topper Learning achieve their goals.

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