Why Omega?

Translating into ‘Great O’ and being the last letter of the Greek alphabet, Omega denotes the last, best and the final nature of something. It is also very significant in the world of mathematics and forms the value of Lambert’s function. In computers science, Omega describes the best performance of an algorithm.

Why Omega is relevant in the world of advertising?

Ω plays a very important role in Mathematics & mythology and sometime the deciding one. These two field are an important cog in the universe and the cosmic structures that we live in. While mathematics is responsible for creating the vast expanses of space & universe, mythology helps establish the belief system & faith of the beings that live in these cosmic realms. The universe that formed after the culmination of math & mythology, gave birth to a human race that invented advertising; helping people realize their dreams. Since Ω is a crucial part of the universe & our belief system, it’s the right symbol to represent the untapped potential in advertising.

AdOmega envisions a technologically advance way of advertising that is holistic, realistic & innovation driven. What better symbol than Ω to define this vision. AdOmega will be the last, best and the final nature of technology-based advertising that will be help uplift the human potential.

Vision & Mission Statement

Transforming advertising and enabling dream so that content creators & advertisers get value for their money & untapped potential.

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